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Question for Barney????????


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Does painting your Reatta a different color detract from

its value?????Would you recommend it???

Can you recommend an excellent body and fender paint shop in

the York area?????or near by?



I have (2) Reattas (1) CONVERT/CHALET.SADDLE 90

(1) COUPE black/SADDLE 88


No one to my knowledge has mentioned 2003 your 88

Reatta becomes a classic car......I am going to register mine

JAN. 1,2003.

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A color change that has been done properly is an extremely expensive proposition. Properly implies in trunk, underside of hood, firewall, door jams etc.

Thinking of doing my white 89 in Lexus White Gold Crystal.

Find a shop that paints corvettes. Corvette owners tend to be fanatics when it comes to paint.

If you have a concours trailer baby don't do it otherwise go for it.

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Original poster,

What do you mean about the car becoming a "classic" in 2003? Since when is a 15 year old car a classic. As an owner of a Classic car recognized by the AACA I can't imagine what you mean.

If I remember correctly a Buick has to be 10 or 12 years old to be judged under BCA rules, but that doesn't make it a classic.

Don't get me wrong, I think the Reattas are VERY interesting "collectable" cars, but lets not go overboard quite yet.

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This is not a Yes/No guestion. If the car is painted an original color, it would have less effect than painting it a color that never came on a Reatta.

The fuzzy area could be a well done custom that could be valued higher than an original car. In twenty years, I believe the original will be the more sought after car.

In Texas, the car must be 25 years old to obtain a "classic" licence plate. Insurance companies vary on their requirements. The BCA has allowed all Reattas to be judged in the Reatta class although the late ones did not meet the age requirements, Since all Reattas were judged together, and not against other years/models this was easier to get approved. Now all years meet the age requirements for BCA meets.

Please send me the vin's, colors, and options on cars you own and any other Reatta you see. I have cars in the database that are in wrecking yards and prototypes from GM. All cars help build the data to be studies. We are approaching 3600 cars in the database, which is many more than I ever hoped to get.

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As I also live in the York PA area, let me address a few things.

In the state of PA, a car is eligible for Classic Car tags once it is 15 or more years old. Antique tags in PA are for cars 25 or more years old. Of course they frown upon daily driving of cars with these tags, so dont do it unless you're certain you'll only drive the cars on rare occassions (My wife drives her Reatta every day). I've heard the state is getting picky with these tags too. One lady I talked with said she had to replace the original convertible top on her car (not a Reatta) to get the tags because the original top had the typical faded rear window. They want the car to look almost like it just left the showroom floor. I dont know exactly how picky the get, but doing a non-original color may be cause to be rejected for the plates.

Pritz did the hail damage repair on my wife's Grand Am a few years back. Did not need to be repainted with the technique they used, and it still looks new (its a '97 w/32k on it). Just stay away from Maco. I personally know the owner of the York/Lancaster locations. He'll even tell you that they're not doing restoration quality paint jobs.

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