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1913 Victor Page Engine Troubles Chart / Poster

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I have this original 1913 Victor W. Page gas engine diagnostic chart / poster:


"Location of Gasoline Engine Troubles Made Easy
A Comprehensive Exposition of the Common Derangements That Interfere With Efficient Operation of All Types of Four-Cycle Internal Combustion Motors"

1913, Arranged by Victor W. Page, Printed by The Norman W. Henley Publishing Co., 132 Nassau St., New York


It measures 38 x 24, crisp and clean, came from a hoarder estate I cleaned out some years back, everything there was stashed away when originally received new. I may be the first to open it since it was mailed out in 1913 LOL.


I'm interested in selling it, but I'll be darned if I can find another one out there, either for sale or sold, anywhere. There are two copies in university library collections, and that's it. I'm stumped too, because it seems Victor Page was a prolific author and authority on gas engines of all kinds for at least a decade, and his books are everywhere.


Any thoughts on value would be appreciated, if anyone knows of sale or auction records for an identical copy please chime in. Does the AACA have one?





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