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Putting my 1989 16V up for sale and wanted to spread the word on the forum for anyone interested.   Exotic Red exterior with Ginger interior and black soft top.  Low miles (44k); babied its entire life.  Original owner had it 8 years and drove 37k miles, then was purchased by a Florida Chrysler dealer in 1997, who maintained it at the dealership regularly and babied it, driving it only occasionally, 5k miles through 2013 when I acquired it and brought it to Michigan.  It ran great at that time, but to be certain I had a professional shop check it out and replace key engine wear items using parts from RDI Performance (all belts, plugs, wires, timing belt, valley seal, valve cover gasket, cam seals, fuel hoses) and brakes (accumulator, rubber lines, pads, rotors).  I have also added a few modern touches like the 7 spoke chrome rims, new tires, all new speakers and power amp using tips from the forum.  Has great quality original paint and interior, only a few minor imperfections in the paint and only the driver seat and console leather show signs of interior wear.   I've had it 6 years and put on only another 2k miles of summer only driving.


Car comes with many expected items and a few extras:
- both tops in perfect condition
- have the original TC stock wheels and Michelin tires
- Blue (1989 5spd version) Service Manual
- Owners manual and other original documents
- original TC rolling storage rack for the hardtop
- original Mopar custom sewn car cover fitted specifically for the TC
- Pewter Desk Model (4" length)
- Original engraved placard and glove box placard
- circa 1999 Chrysler Infinity IV stereo with CD/Cassette updated by Classic Auto Radio with Aux input for phone/Ipod/MP3 player
- if desired have 2 framed TC 24"x36" original Chrysler advertising photos
- original Chrysler dealer Data Book showing all TC options and accessories
- original Chrysler dealer Sales Reference Manual  


Plus:  The TC drives perfectly, idles great, accelerates smoothly, and the turbo spools up on demand.  A fun car to drive!!  Located in the Detroit area.


Minus:  Missing the umbrella.  Slight oil drip.  AC not charged.  Console wear.  Everything else works.


More photos on Dropbox.  Send me a message for the link.


I realize most TCs sell for under $10k.  But not many around in this condition, color combo, and 16V.  Looking for $15k OBO.





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