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Carolina Roadmasters: Taking over where Dad left off - 1930 Buick Series 61

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On 9/20/2020 at 1:04 PM, 38Buick 80C said:

Today I wanted to get the upper window channel set. I used 3M weatherstrip adhesive and simply closed the window to set it. I will come back later and tack it in.



I also noticed the front door is so thin I'm not sure how I am supposed to mount the wood grained trim channel. I'm thinking tube nuts?


Finally I loosened up the rear fender so i could set the drivers side running board in place.


I believe I will have to trim the board back some more. I also feel like I may have to plane the boards thinner so the stainless trim and rubber sits flush with the fender and matches the molded body line in the fenders. Otherwise all else seem to be so far so good.


Perhaps relief's routed for the brackets and ... verses planed more thin ?

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