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24-45 - What am I missing?


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Am I missing a cover for the back of the oil pan, front of the bell housing area?




The 1927 Book of Parts shows and lists 183178.


The part for 1924 is 188614, but I cannot find the number or illustration in the 1924 Book of Parts.


Does anyone have a picture of the part that should go there, if there is one?

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51 minutes ago, Hubert_25-25 said:

Yes, you are missing a sheetmetal cover with felt rivetted on.   This is the one from my 1925-25     Hugh





That looks like the same as my 27 has, 4 bolts.  The 24 appears to have 3 non threaded holes. 


Does anyone have a pic or find the illustration in the parts book for 1924?  

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12 hours ago, dibarlaw said:


 From my 1925 master Book of Parts. Part # 182444. Same as on the 1924 engine.



Thank you, that illustration was what I was looking for!


Strange, my reproduction copy of the 1924 only parts book does not show or list that cover.  I wonder if 1923 had a cover at all.  And maybe the cover was added later in the 1924 year and into 1925, and my book copy is an early 1924 version...?

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