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Question on REO cylinder jug year application

Larry Schramm

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I have a friend that is looking for a REO cylinder jug.  The car he has is a 1912 and has been unable to find one.  Pictures of the cracked 1912 shown below.  This one is cracked above the cylinder wall in the top of the jug and can not be sleeved.


He has been told that the cylinder jugs are interchangeable from about 1910 - 1924.  Can anyone confirm if this is true and if so knows anyone that would have a cylinder jug that they would sell?  If so, please PM me.






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I think they are interchangeable but that they aren't identical. I had both a 10 and an 11 but I confess I can't remember whether the jugs were identical to yours or not. I also remember taking some parts off an engine (c. 1920, which had the jugs) at Bills Auto Parts in Valley Falls, RI about 40 years ago. I was able to use them but they weren't identical to the '10 parts.

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15 hours ago, Ben Perfitt said:


Has your friend been in contact with Dan Shafarman in Lansing? If he hasn’t, he will want to. I have his #.




He has been in contact with Dan. Dan is on the lookout for a jug for him.  Thanks,

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