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More items for sale. OFFER plus shipping unless price specified in the description. Please PM me if interested in any of these items.


1.) 1963 heater head. My car had a broken temp control lever when I bought it. I had to buy the whole head to get just the one.  Great if you have broken heater levers. This is from a non-AC car. All of the levers are the same except for the vent levers which are not on an AC car. Levers that are still there are: Air (heater), Defrost, Rear, Left Vent and Right Vent.


2.) SOLD-Courtesy light switch. Cleaned, tested and working.


3.) 1963 heater head cables. Blue rear heat cable and Yellow left vent cable.


4.) Brass intake manifold to brake booster nipple. This was on my AC car incorrectly when I bought it. This is for a non-AC car.


5.) SOLD-BUICK fender cover. This is a foam cover that sticks very nicely to the fender. Tools stick to the surface without slipping off. 22" X 34" Too many fender covers.


6.) 1971 and 1949 Riviera charcoal prints. I bought the the set for the 1963 print. If you want I will throw in the folder and letter from Buick.


7.) SOLD-1963-1965 Front Upper Bucket Seat Foam $75.00 plus S & H is what I paid for them. Will entertain an offer.


8.) 1963-1965 passenger side vent window vertical seal. 


9.) FREE-Purolater fuel filter for AC cars. This was on my car for a very short time. Worked fine, I replaced because I found an NOS OEM one.


10.) SOLD-Radiator coolant tag. Looks good when displayed, some marks on the back.
















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