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looking for car facts , decoders and correct stock parts numbers


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Nearly every one of the third party "facts books" have documented errors. If someone tells you to use the Oldsmobile FAQ available on line, be very wary as this list of casting numbers has many documented errors.


Your best bet is to get factory documents - Chassis Service Manual, Fisher Body Manual, Product Information Manual (aka the Assembly Manual), and factory Parts Book. Even these documents have limitations.  For example, the PIM shows assembly numbers, not casting numbers. Sometimes these are the same, sometimes not. It depends on whether or not the part required additional attachments prior to completion. For example, the driver side exhaust manifold has a casting number, but that casting was fitted with a heat riser valve. The result is that the part number for this assembly is different from the casting number. On the other hand, the passenger side exhaust manifold is used without additional attachments, so in that case the part number is the casting number.


Another limitation of the factory Parts Book is that it only lists parts that were available in the parts network as of the printing date of that issue. Parts that were dropped or superseded are not shown. As an example, there is a version of the Olds parts book that claims to cover 1964-1975, but the printing date is Aug 1983. It's worthless as far as part numbers for a 1969 are concerned, as nearly all of the items that are unique to a 1969 Cutlass were long gone from the parts network by 1983 and thus did not appear in that issue. On the other hand, I have a version of the parts book dated Dec 1968, so the part numbers for 1969 are pretty accurate - however they still do not cover items that might have been changed in mid-year, for example. The PIM is a compendium of factory engineering drawings used to actually design and build the car and represent the best resource for part numbers. The PIM drawings also include a revision history, so you can see what changed over the course of the model year. The problem is that these drawings don't go to the details of individual engine or trans part numbers, though some versions do include a copy of the engine assembly manual that does have that detail.


Good luck.

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