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1937 Packard 115-C Business Coupe *SOLD*

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*SOLD* Yes, yes, I know it's "just" a six, but please take a close look at this lovely Packard coupe. Someone spent an astronomical amount of money restoring it about 10 years ago, and it has won every big award such a car can win. And while a six-cylinder Packard isn't as glamorous as a V12, this little coupe drives beautifully with great torque, an eagerness on the road, and agile handling that you don't get with 1100 pounds of cast iron sitting on your front axle. It's also virtually indestructible and has great brakes and a smooth ride. Centennial Blue is a fantastic color on any Packard, and gives the coupe a big car look that suits the name Packard rather well. Fit and finish are excellent with only a few touch-ups around the hood where someone wasn't quite careful enough when securing it. Otherwise, it's in fine condition with no issues. There's bright chrome with sharp details, a set of accessory Trippe lights up front, and restored running boards with the correct pattern. The interior is tan broadcloth that looks like it was finished last week and the burled woodgrain pattern on the dashboard is quite convincing--clearly not done at home. The gauges all work, the clock works, the radio works, the heater works, and the view down that long hood is still one of the best things about owning a 1930s Packard. The trunk is neatly finished and includes a full-sized spare, original jack, and you'll spot zero rust or patch work underneath. The strong little 237 cubic inch inline-6 makes good torque and doesn't mind revving a bit, so it'll cruise at 60 MPH without any fuss. It's nicely detailed under the hood with a new wiring harness, rebuilt everything, and corporate green paint on the engine itself. The only thing that I can find that isn't working are the grille shutters, but I believe they were intentionally fixed in the open position. It starts right up every time, idles almost silently. It shifts well, clutch action is light, and the brakes are remarkably effective. Someone got this one right. 

The price is $39,900, which may seem like a lot of money for a six-cylinder Packard, but this might be the nicest of its kind in the world. It drives beautifully, it looks fantastic, and you won't have to do anything but gas it up in order to start having fun. Sorry if you're a tinkerer, but if you just don't want any hassles from an old car, this is a great choice for a lot of good reasons. Thanks for looking!


001.thumb.JPG.605fb1ceb73a5da93d0651ebc618fb99.JPG  003.thumb.JPG.ed32577f239272a47cdfbd1dcef0a191.JPG  006.thumb.JPG.cb0b72a77d157207c0dd06891259cfda.JPG  007.thumb.JPG.42be56e835c4878c687f5412988c0ddf.JPG


008.thumb.JPG.9db47b9d0b9bdb0c7d907376353079aa.JPG  015.thumb.JPG.5f2974d90f29a75bba4b212275bb3e3f.JPG  027.thumb.JPG.0642cec379931135b237558f34408252.JPG  031.thumb.JPG.0d66c6b36d297df3beac17c47f8ad7f0.JPG


035.thumb.JPG.e08c9bd8d82b48e6869cef9370b7dd2d.JPG  037.thumb.JPG.54569adcef994adef570c96379d19b2d.JPG  039.thumb.JPG.17c2359781b147c2d7a5fa99aa9224bb.JPG  043.thumb.JPG.092701ae48f705c8436803de45621a7f.JPG


047.thumb.JPG.f1cdffa5c9b10a53a4c997f611b66c9b.JPG  048.thumb.JPG.4e27d1ef5d18594dbe8feb9a611ecbcf.JPG  053.thumb.JPG.c0e595fad83db99ef5fdf1e1c810ad4d.JPG  056.thumb.JPG.d9eb8d69a60adb9e32c6308e6a9d485d.JPG


058.thumb.JPG.789df901cf8c3ffe0d46c754febaab7d.JPG  064.thumb.JPG.db6b658ac700a7ab3af0f0e1af48e68f.JPG  067.thumb.JPG.42ae57074dc4075c564a1b349ff02c4d.JPG  070.thumb.jpg.e5d1d5e7938ffea41c23a64de394ec69.jpg


078.thumb.jpg.b6d35eb3a5601c7df93a7138eb23eb26.jpg  081.thumb.jpg.7c4f49f74e7f4616aba96c7230086071.jpg  084.thumb.jpg.c1ccf3a25a72502075905ce6e1ba140a.jpg  082.thumb.JPG.726edeb606ffe7d83f02215c3214beda.JPG



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The 115 models had fixed grill slats. They are not thermostatically controlled. You have to move up to the 120 model to get that. Just an F.Y.I., the "Trippe Light" switch is located in the hole where the cigar lighter is supposed to be. Beautiful car. I love 1937 115 models. I've had three and I still have the same one for over 48 years. Good luck!

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I don’t know about the 1937, but my 1939 model 110, 6 cylinder has movable grill vents.  I changed the radiator out for a pressurized unit so I lost the temperature operated device.  I designed a unit that open/closes the vents with vacuum actuator.

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The six is a nice car......I spent a day in upstate NY years ago driving one........I thought it was an eight and never looked before I jumped in and put two hundred miles on it. 

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