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Spooks & Ghosts in My Starter


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Ah, now that you clicked on my post (he he he), I'll fill you in on the details. My 68 caddy sedan deville seems to take a while before starting up just recently. I insert the key and turn to start position as I pump the gas and nothing. So I turn the key back to original entry position, but the car still tries to start...in other words, the starter motor still keeps cachunka-cachunka-cachunka'ing along. This happened day-berfore-yesterday so I quickly hopped out the car and popped the hood open. The only thing I could do was to pull the neg. cable connected to the battery to stop the current.

My gut instinct tells me maybe replace the ignition (because of poor contacts)? What do you gurus say?

Oh and thanks in advance!


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I assume that the car did not actually start and that the noise you heard was the starter continuing to turn over the engine. The first thing I would check is the starter solenoid. It may have stuck in place. That would be an easier part to fix. If the solenoid is good (i.e. it releases after power is removed, then the switch would be a good place to go. You might bypass the switch to see if the same problem exists.

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Yep the battery is 3 wks old. I've been noticing that when I pop the hood and pull the (-) cable, there's some slight smoking. I went today and bought an ignition switch from Cadillac dealer. That's where I'm thinking the problem is, and based on folks' responses.

Thanks for the tip.

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