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List of Used Part Suppliers

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The classified section in the ROA's Riview.  

There's no "list" persay but the guys who have parts are in one section within the classifieds.  You just need to read each individual ad and call to see what the seller has. Mr. Earl started a section on a Buick forum for parts but I don't think it's a list either.  Just vendors added as things are discovered.

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 I've had great success over many years with ABandG. Gene's ad can always be found in the back of the Review. We Riv owners like to" keep it in the family", as they say, but you'll also occasionally find parts on eBay Motors, if you don't mind scrolling through tons of junk to get to them. In fact some of the sellers listed in the mag also have on-line stores on eBay, so you can see pics of their merchandise. Good luck!           Drew 



p.s. I have a nice driver quality rear bumper for a '73 if anyone needs. It can be had for a song.

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16 hours ago, RivNut said:

The classified section in the ROA's Riview


16 hours ago, awk409ak said:

Where can I find this list?

Ed's comment assumes you are an ROA member receiving either the print or digital version of The Riview. If you aren't a member, please consider joining via the ROA website www.rivowners.org. There is a membership/Paypal link at the bottom of the site home page.

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Gene Guarnere, one stop shopping for everything used for the first generation cars, and very nicely done rechromed pieces, he is also highly entertaining, an ex 101st airborne vietnam vet and his dad was the main guy in Band of Brothers, parachuting into Normandy in the very late or early hours of june 5-6 and lost his leg in the battle of the bulge. Hence by dealing with Gene, you get good deals on parts, entertainment and a personal history lesson that you will never forget

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