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A visit to Snook's Dream Cars

Billy Kingsley

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Earlier this month I attended a convention in Toledo, Ohio. While there, I took time out to visit Snook's Dream Cars in Bowling Green, Ohio. I took over 600 photos so I am not going to share them all, but I will give a little overview and a link to my website where all of them are posted. 

The memorabilia collection is extensive, and starts before you even go in the front door. 


the collection includes some older gas pumps.


This is what you see as you open the front door:


Aside from the museum cars, they also work on old cars and trucks for clients...and you are welcome to come into the garage area. This 1938 Ford Pickup was getting new brakes while we were there. 


There are old games (most of which actually work) and old bicycles in one of the rooms


A map of all the cars made in Ohio before WWII. Although the top blurred here, I do have detail photos of it as well. 


The front room is mostly memorabilia. 


When you open the door to go into the section of the museum where the cars are stored, the first car I saw was the Kaiser Darrin...one of the cars that I had on my list of cars I wanted to see, but never had before. 


an Auburn in the musuem


This Pontiac is a replica of the car the late museum founder drove post WWII. His son operates the museum these days.


Some overviews of the museum





The room with the cars is rather dark so getting clear photos was not particularly easy. 


It's absolutely worth the trip to see this museum. Although it's on the smaller side, it's jam packed with automobilia and things to look at. It's less than 5 minutes off of I-75 as well. 

Here is the link to my website where I have all 601 photos I took: https://public.fotki.com/ElCaminoBilly/automotivephotography/car-museum-trips/snooks-dream-cars/


Thanks for reading.

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