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SOLD Two 1960 & 1961 Cadillac Wonderbar AM radios

Steve Tochi

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Two for one for $120. Both untested and sold "as is".  Chassis on both appear to be in good condition and no rust, knobs turn on/off, move needle, wiring harness intact, have a bracket, and pushbuttons take settings. Both have Delco model number stickers. 

  • Bottom radio is 1961 Delco model 7276605.  Has knobs, minor pitting, and dial lamp bulb is missing on top.  $80 for this radio because it has knobs.
  • Top radio is 1959-1960 Delco model 7274905.  Less pitting but some light damage to bezel. No knobs. $60 for this radio. 

Or will take $120 for both plus shipping which may be around $40.   PM me and I can send more photos. Thanks


I hope you all don't mind but I'm going to try and sell more radios here, than I've been doing on ebay which is wearing me out!.





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