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Drainback valve


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I'm helping a friend with her 1953 pilothouse Dodge truck. The acceleration is very hesitant, so I thought I'd start by rebuilding the Carter BB carburetor. When I took the carb off, I noticed a small brass valve that had been retrofitted  between the sediment bowl filter and the carb inlet. I had never seen one before. It's just a brass fitting with a valve inside, much like the float valve in a carb but horizontal. 

My question is whether something like this is necessary. I'm sure it didn't have one when it left the factory. Also wondering whether it can impede the gas flow. I've had plenty of old trucks and have never seen one of these little check valves. Thanks for your thoughts.

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I just realized that what I am looking at may, in fact, be the needle and seat for the gas inlet. I've never seen one mounted horizontally this way that wasn't  part of the carb body. I'll have to find a parts diagram and look a little closer.  

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