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Doing some more cleaning and have some items that someone may find useful. These are all items that were removed from my car and re[placed. Descriptions and why they were replaced below.They are still good, usable pieces that I just cannot throw in the trash. If anyone is interested in any or all of these pieces please PM me. OFFER plus shipping.


1.) SOLD-1963 taillight lens. Replaced because I had purchased an NOS lens from Tom Mooney. Very good condition Surface smooth with very little scratching.


2.) SOLD-Thermostat housing. Replaced with an NOS housing that I had purchased years ago, when I had a new thermostat put in this summer. No cracks and seems to be in good usable condition.


3.) Radiator Cap. Correct OEM style. Replaced with a new cap for appearances sake. This cap worked fine and I had no issues with it. 


4.) Vented Gas Cap. This was on my car when I bought it. It appeared to be new at that time. I replaced it because I had found an NOS vented gas cap. Had no issues with it when on my car.


5.) SOLD-Belden Edge Premium Spark Plug Wires. I put these on my car when I first bought it. They were on my for 2 years and then replaced. These are dark blue and I wanted black wires as original. My car ran great when these were on my car. Good length fitment.









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