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What happeded to the Colorado Car Museum in Manitou Springs?

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So there's this abandon car museum in Manitou Springs Colorado  located at 135 Manitou Ave and I've been so curious about it ever since I found out about it. I collect postcards and brochures and I have one brochure and a couple of postcards from the place. I got them off eBay by the way and I would like to put the pictures on here and show you but I don't know how to post pictures on this thing so sorry. Anyways all I know about the museum is some of the cars that were in it and the location. By the way if you look this place up it says race car museum on it but I'm not a race car guy but before that it was a normal car museum. You know like Model T's, brass era cars, etc. If you guys know anything else about this museum please tell me. I mainly wanna know the exact year it opened and closed, who the owner was, some other cars that were in it, and more pictures of the inside. If you have anything else to say about the place you can post that as well. One last thing, I think the owner was a guy named Robert Wilcox but I'm not quite sure about that and the cars in the museum that I know of so far were the 1903 Cadillac and the 1907 Sears. Which are in the Ghost Town Museum 3 miles down the road by Colorado Springs and that place still exists but it's not a car museum they just have 2 cars in there. And the other cars that were in the museum were the, 1906 Buick, 1909 Maxwell, 1915 Model T,  1916 Studebaker, 1916 Overland, 1927 Essex, 1934 Pierce-Arrow, 1914 Hupmobile, 1929 Rolls-Royce, JFK's 1963 Lincoln Continental, and various other presidential and brass cars but I can't post all the names because it takes to long. I also think the museum was established some time in the 60's but no idea when it closed.

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