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History Lesson needed in Willys I guess.


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I figured I would share this with you all.  

I get one of these emails about once a month when listing stuff on feebay. 

This is today's winner.

This was the tail end of Willy's and  Jeep literature I had lasted for about 5 days starting in 1987 going back to the 20's.

Would you call it false advertising? 

I politely responded,  though you would really like to tell them off, that willy's Overland eventually became Jeep.  

I Guess he Missed the Willys Branded Jeep they were selling a couple of years ago. 



New message from: alecmcdaisy (159Turquoise Star)


This is not a F'n Jeep! Get with it if your going to do it! Ever heard of false advertising?

1939 Willys Overland sales Brochure Booklet Book Catalog Original Old Jeep


1939 Willys Overland sales Brochur  
Current Bid: $3.25
Auction ends Oct 27, 2019 19:04 PDT
Item ID: 312812001724
Bids: 2



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The 1939 Overland was a one-year marketing wonder.  They renamed the updated Model 77 to both Models 38 and 48 on the 100" wb but also added a new 102" wb with that oddball badge-shaped headlights, leaping brow hood and new grille louvers.  Included were Deluxe, Standard Speedway and Speedway Special models, maybe your brochure defines what was what, lots of distinction without much difference.


For 1940, only the 102" wb simplified to only coupe and four door sedan plus a station wagon were listed.  Styling was updated again to the bullnose hood and broad chrome mustache and tear-drop headlights.  The Overland name disappeared, just plain Willys Speedway and Deluxe.   For 1941, added two more inches of wheelbase to 104", integrated sedan trunk and quarter windows and now its "Americar".  


Clear as mud?

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Well, from what I see, it is a 1939 brochure, so it definitely is NOT Jeep!😁


Jeep went into production in 1941.


In 1939 Jeep was the animal in the Popeye cartoon. His debut was in 1936, Eugene the Jeep.👍


No, I do not need a history lesson, as I own a Willys-Knight and a Jeepster.😉


Speaking of Jeep history, I once read a story of a bar owner in the west, family called him Jeep  so it was Jeep's bar. Chrysler got wind of it and objected with lawyers. He had pictures of him in the late 30s with the name Jeep, and told Chrysler they were using HIS name. Chrysler finally settled and paid his expenses. Oh, it is here on the internet:



Anyway, I see nothing wrong in your description, as the words are "tags" to help searching products of Willys (John North).


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I looked at your listing.  Your posted pictures clearly showed which vehicles the brochure covered.  If the buyer purchased the item based on the word "Jeep" without reviewing the pictures and description, then it's his problem not yours.  You're not guilty of false advertising.  In my experience there are a lot of careless buyers on ebay.  Also, he only paid $3.25 for the item plus shipping.  For under $10.00 he received a lesson in looking carefully before you buy something.

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 There is a new raft of eBay AH's, at least you didn't get an undeserved negative feedback. I'm dealing with a buyer that is complaining that a piece is missing, NEVER had the piece to start with and it sure wasn't in the 10 photos I posted in the listing. Twenty years of eBay and I've had some really good times, but the AH's sure stand out.  Your use of "JEEP" is no different than "1932 Ford" in every Hot Rod related part you list. "Steampunk" is another overused catch phrase, helps sell odd crap so I'll use it. That Willys brochure sold for less than I would have bid, if you had NHRA and GASSER in the title the Vintage Drag Racing fans may have seen it.  Bob 

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Overland is currently in use, as a high trim level Cherokee.😉



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