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Clock Collecting 5,000 clocks not car related

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NOT MINE  Just for interest sake


Clock collector, 75, has to turn back all 5,000 of his timepieces by an hour as British Summer Time comes to an end

  • Roy West, 75, from Eastleigh, Hants, has amassed a collection of 5,000 clocks
  • He and wife Pauline, 68, have 30 beside timepieces and dozens more on walls
  • As UK returns to GMT following end of summer, Mr West had to reset each clock individually over five hours




Roy West, 75, has spent more than five hours turning back 5,000 timepieces by an hour as the country moved back to Greenwich Mean Time following the end of summer.





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Some are thankful they get to drive their collector car that sits in the garage twice a year.


He should be thankful that he gets to interact with his collector clocks twice a year instead of just staring at them.  But if he ever does gets tired of changing them, he can always move to Saskatchewan!!



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