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1930 Desoto c.f. sedan.needing rear fenders.

Big Dawg

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Was involved in a Hit and run accident today a d I was in the 30 Desoto.guy wasn't paying attention and looking down at his cell I  guess and plowed I to the back of my car and then left.all in 5 seconds.niw I need rear drivers side fender and passenger side if I can find them.does anyone know what what years will fit??? Or where any are at.still looking.the wreck happened today Sat.the 26th of Oct.

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39 minutes ago, Big Dawg said:

what about the rear fenders. mainly the drivers side rear. or both. Jim 913 226 0635 or fedcourtdawg@hotmail.com

I see a rear fender. Get in touch with the guy to see if he has the driver's side rear fender.

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