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Looking for article on water pump lip seal retro-fit


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This fellow does a lot of rebuilds for the Reo Club of America.


My name is Dan Koehler, and I have been a member of the Reo Club of America for over 35 years. I received an email from Marty Moody that you are having trouble with a leaking water pump on a T6. I have never rebuilt a water pump on a T6, but I did several Flying Cloud, and Royale water pumps. I am a retired machinist, with a small machine shop in my basement. When I rebuild the Flying Cloud, and the Royale pumps I use modern ceramic seals, which will last for many years. If the seal would start to leak all that would need replacing is the seal. I know what the T6 water pump looks like, but I never had one apart. If you just want to stick with the graphite sealing material it is available on EBay. If you need a new stainless steel shaft made for your pump I can help you out with that. Then you can use the graphite sealing material which should work fine. If you would like me to rebuild it totally with modern seals I can also do that. Of all the pumps that I have rebuilt with modern ceramic seals I have never had one leak, but if they do I guarantee them for life. If you have any question you can call me at 920-221-0427.

Dan Koehler
Winneconne, Wisconsin

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The Flying Dutchman (Wade Jenezon) just rebuilt the water pump on my Rickenbacker.

It looks great but I have not installed it yet.

Wade did some magic since the pump was in pretty bad shape.

He came highly recommended by a Franklin guy.

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