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Not a good day (kinda long)


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Well it started off with me waking up kinda late, then i drove out to book racing and asked them how much it would cost for them to clean up my motor and look it over and prime it and paint it, and they told me it would be around 1700$, yeah i dont think so, so then i go get some Burger king, and it tasted like crap, so then i'm about to leave for school and my car was kinda slow starting, i was thinking about skipping school cause i didn't trust the car, but i said hell with it, it's probably because it's a little cold outside, so i get to school, and get in trouble twice, once for sleeping and the other for usuing my phone, which was bs cause i wasn't using it, i was just checking the time, and the teacher saw me, and the sleeping part i admit i did cause i was bored after i jsut got an A on a test, so then schools out and i go to start my car, and nothing. All power works, my lights, radio, clock everything works, but the car won't do anything, so i try to get a jump from someone and still nothing, so i call my brother and he comes up to school and starts hitting the started with a tire iron and it's making sound but nothing is working, so i got a dead starter and it's 30 degrees outside, so i have to get it towed, which cost me 75$ and the guy who towed me ended up being friends with the guy who sold me the car, so that was pretty weird, but anyway, i gotta go tomorrow and get a new starter for my car, and hopfully it'll be ok, so all in all, kinda a pretty crappy day, huh, can't wait to see what tomorrow is gonna bring


83 Hurst/Olds

15th Aniiv.

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Young'un- it's like this. Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug. Always remember- better days are coming.

And I keep telling myself that over and over every day when I arrive at work and something else is flying all to hell right at shift change...

You can get your existing starter checked and rebuilt about as cheap as a parts store special if you have time to get that done. If not, switch 'em out, and <span style="font-weight: bold">get the parts store to test the new one before you leave there</span> . It might save you having to do the job over.

You might wanna check all your cables and stuff too in case there's some corrosion. Starter ought to be pretty straightforward on your car, but if you've never wrassled one laying on your back under a car, you'll find out whether you have any muscles or not.

Good luck, and don't give up!

Also- just curious- you ever read any Kerouac or Burroughs? (heavy stuff <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif" alt="" /> ) You have their stream-of-consciousness writing style.

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