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Engine paint color

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I recently had my 1931 Buick straight 8 rebuilt. It goes in my model 50. I am having trouble finding paint for that year of engine. If anyone knows where I might find the color a part number or a place to buy it. I contacted the  Hirsch company and there was about a five year range they couldn’t help with and and 1931 was one of those years. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Thank you Terry and I Like Cars;

 I have not tried Bob’s , but I will give them a look. I will have to figure out weather it is a early or late model. I was aware that parts of it were painted black. I thought there was only the early and late olive greens I wasn’t aware of some of them being black. I guess the next step would be to figure out which I have early or late. I will check out the info you provided me Terry. Thanks again.

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This is an interesting thread. My 31 60 series appears to be an original survivor. Valve cover, side plates and many other accessories are black but the block and head do not appear to be olive green. It has more blue in it than I would think olive would have. The vehicle has 44,000 miles and the body, interior, and chassis are clearly original. I suppose anything could have happened over the years and the paint may have changed color. I am interested in opinions. Thanks





31 buick engine number.jpg

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