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Highway Patrol Buicks

D Yaros

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Don't know where to put this; seems it might be appropriate here?


My local ME TV is running the Highway Patrol series, starring Broderick Crawford and Buick.


I see Crawford driving a lot of 1955/1956 Buicks with 4 ventiports.  I always thought the more ventiports the higher up the model chain, with 4 being used on the Roadmaster.  This must not be true, as i cannot imagine the Highway Patrol using the top-of-the-line Roadmaster as squad cars.  I would think they used the Special and that the Special would only have had 3 ventiports.


Someone please educate me.  Tx -

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On 10/25/2019 at 4:06 PM, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:

Dave, I thought as you at one time, and was "educated," so to speak.  Through 1954, ONLY Roadmaster had four ventiports. Beginning in 1955 ONLY Special had only three.    I believe The Highway Patrol was using the Century, thus four. 



Ben, I too now consider myself "educated" on this point.  Thanks!

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On the above pic, as well as the cars on the show,. the chrome trim on the door is absent.


My question is, did the door skins on cars produced by Buick for use as squad cars, have the trim mounting holes filled in by the factory, or were special door skins, sans trim mounting holes, supplied by Buick.  Likewise with the Oldsmobile and Mercury cruisers seen on the show?

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