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Trunk Lock

Barney Eaton

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Attached are some pictures........ often the trunk lock will loose it black cover parts and look like the naked one in the first picture.

I believe the CAP was not properly staked in place and when you remove the key,  it pulls the parts off the lock cylinder and they get lost.

Years ago, I purchased a car with the cover parts missing and spent most of the day going from one locksmith to another trying to get the missing parts.

I finally got the parts and discovered other Reatta owners had the same problem.    I rounded up some parts,  made up instructions and started providing a repair KIT.


The point of this post is to let you know the parts are getting extremely hard to find and Strattec ( a division of Briggs & Stratton) are less than helpful.

The last time I talked to the tech desk,  they basically told me we are screwed.


I hope this can help you and maybe someone reading this will have the time to check with their local locksmith to see if any of them have a few parts.

This spring I called  lock repair shops from coast to coast and was able to get a few parts.    


The CAP is # 322667 or #321529  I cannot see any difference except one is duller black.

The SHUTTER is # 597819 in black..........chrome ones are easy to find.

The SPRINGS is a common part #46451 and not hard to find.


I sell the repair KIT with the CAP, SHUTTER,  2 SPRINGS   with instructions and shipping for $20.00

East Coast Reatta Parts also offers a repair kit.


If you find a shop that has even a few parts let me know ....or just purchase them and I will buy them from you.

With your help hopefully we can continue to supply parts for this issue.

lock problem 2.jpg

lock parts.jpg

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