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Complete Getrag set up for sale on Ebay

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4 hours ago, yellowdog said:

Check it out.


Ebay #:  113834091972


Located in Chester, NY


I'd go for it but I already have too many projects...

THIS DOES NOT FIT ON YOUR TC! Up for auction is a complete GETRAG 284 setup, 5 speed manual.  It Includes the transmission, clutch, flywheel, pedals, slave cylinder, master cylinder, and even the mounting plates and brake booster.  It was going to go into a Turbo Grand Prix, but I have since sold the vehicle.  This is an impossible setup to find, never mind finding a complete setup.  Swap your lumina, monte carlo, grand prix, or fiero, in one day with this complete setup. This is the rarest of the FWD manual transmission but also the most heavy duty. This will out perform an F23 or Getrag 282 from the weaker platforms.  This fits pretty much all 60 degree V6 engines and some of the 90 degree V6's as well. It is very interchangeable among the Front Wheel Drive Platforms

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