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1932 Plymouth Serial Number Question


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I own a Clean Titled 1932 Plymouth Business Coupe. There is no Serial Number Tag on the Passenger Side Door Post. I've been told there is another Serial Number on the Frame. So, where do I start looking for the Frame Serial Number??? 


The State Vehicle Inspection Facility will need to see the Serial Number to Verify the Vehicle during the yearly inspection.


A picture of the location on the frame would be appreciated.


Thank You for your Help 🙂 


Tom M

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That number looks more like an engine number as it starts with an SD. On my '33 Plymouth the engine number is stamped on the outside of the frame on the driver side between the running board supports.


If the paperwork uses the engine number (many states do/did) then you'll be okay. If the paperwork shows the actual serial number, which is different, then you may still have a problem.

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