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SOLD " Those Wonderful old Automobiles" , Floyd Clymer , hard cover,1953


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Just don't throw out any good sales brochures. Most stuff newer than the very early 70's though is hard to move.  I have even sent that stuff to auction where it gets 5 to 20 dollars for a big box full,  not per piece.  The only good part is,  I don't have to be the one to recycle it.  I told my buddy that took all that literature to auction to just keep the $100 it brought total to help pay for gas. 

I just sent him down with some dealer showroom pictures of the 69 Mustang,  A bunch of 67 Chevy showroom pictures and the 1962 Pontiac Pike's Peek Print they gave out to the dealer's as an incentive.  No reserve and it's not a big auction house but they do usually have some automotive related stuff in their offerings.  Would be nice if they brought a little something but they are gone. I gave the Daytona 500 piece to a friend.  Probably the most desirable of everything but he was happy.  It's funny because I tell him do you want it? He asks how much and I told him not for sale,  but you can have it if you want it.   Some pieces I was never going to hang up anyways.  Now a little more space to stack some more junk I don't need. 

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I still think it's a great book , and John will get $20 of enjoyment from it.

Not sure how hard you looked for someone that wanted it.

I had it on other forums and had buyers after it was sold here.

This book was reprinted several times in soft cover , so it is popular.


Seems all sales literature is difficult to sell , much avaiable for free searching on the internet.

Hard back books , pre " Coffee Table" , seem to be desired if they are well done.

I'll continue to offer them here when I find them and let the buyer decide the worth.


Thanks for the input. 

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