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Race cross California 1919. Race between a 1915 Buick and a 1918 Maxwell. Who will win?

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WOW ! That is a WONDERFUL old movie. Thank you, Morgan for linking us to it ! As an old long distance 4-WD adventurer, I particularly enjoyed the technique and rigging necessary for warping with hub capstans. Those are some incredibly tough young guys tailing on. Well-done using snatch blocks as they did. I am sure I never saw how that was done before. I doubt that was the first time that gang ever snubbed off a load. GREAT stuff !!!!                Thanks again !      -    CC 

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I am happy to bring this amazing film footage back up for you who missed it. I think I will study it up again. Thanks for posting this,  Morgan !    -    Carl 

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53 minutes ago, DonMicheletti said:

The amusing thing about the video is that today we treat those cars as if they were fragile !

Try doing that trip that with your 2021 Jeep !

Expectations do change with the era.


When I was a child being raised in the desert we went all over the place on dirt roads including poorly maintained ranch tracks to get to picnicking and hiking spots. And we went in our family sedan. Nowadays people seem to need a jacked up all wheel drive to go to the local grocery store.

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