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September Renewals...


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Question from a dues paying member, who pays their dues on the AACA website:


When should I expect to receive my new ID cards for this September 17th renewal?


Response from the office that gets paid by the dues:

The same time that the first renewal notice for the new member year is sent to the members we are getting ready for a big national show in Hershey, PA.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready for the Hershey show.  This year we closed the office during the show and the whole staff worked at the event.  After the show there is still a lot to do.  We are still trying to get everything finalized.


Starting this week we are focusing on processing the 2020 membership payments that have been received.   Membership cards will be printed and mailed in early November.


AACA National Headquarters

Membership Dept

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September and October are tough months for our small staff (we are also on person short until Monday).  We have to answer hundreds of calls, emails and letters about Hershey and many are time consuming but we do our best to give everyone the time they need.  We  have hundreds of items to be priced, folded  and separated and loaded into two trailers for the fall meet.  We have trophies to  make up and package  for 1200 cars at the meet and then we have all the engraving that we do in-house for the show.  On top of that there are a myriad of other  normal day-to-day duties.


Our software does not allow us to enter 2020 until we close out 2019 membership.  We have done that since coming back from Hershey and begun the massive job of separating thousands of replies based upon orders and donations that come in with dues.  Data has to be entered and none of this is automated.  This is no simple task.  We start all this process early so we have a few months to get everything done  for the 2020 year.  If we waited until later members would not get their cards until later in the first quarter.  


The staff at AACA is fully cognizant that our members in part pay our salaries.  What you do not see is the massive number of hours put in as volunteers by the staff in order for us to get the job done.  Nights and weekends are normal for many of our crew.  They do this because they care and are here to serve.  At this point, adding staff is not in our budget so we do the best we can.


Unless you have spent any time in this office you would not have anyway to comprehend how much work has to be done by national headquarters.  In fact, we also have two meets left to service for this year as well so sending merchandise and trophies to Mobile and Fallbrook are all added to the mix.  No easy task folks. 

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I have been on the board or an officer of several national /worldwide car organizations over the past 50 years and what Steve mentions is only magnified by the number of members or the scope of the club. Thank God for the volunteers who help the paid staff ( who usually are doing well beyond their capacity and time allowed per day) If you don't hear anything right away, give them a bit of a break and when inquiring be gentle, they are enthusiasts too! They are all responsible people or wouldn't be in the position that they are in , and have to deal with all sorts of egos and personalities and be civil to people who are not to them in many instances. PATIENCE everyone. Miracles happen at headquarters ( and not just in the old b & w movie you watch during the holidays on TV that has to do with a miracle on 34th St. in NY City)

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4 hours ago, Steve Moskowitz said:

Our software does not allow us to enter 2020 until we close out 2019 membership. 


The membership fees are requested in September, with full knowledge that the member will hear nothing for 2 months.  

I understand that you're busy, but if you know that there will be a 2 month wait, just mention it beforehand.

That's all I ask.

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