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37 Buick Coupe license plate illumination lens


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I am looking for the licence plate illumination lens on a 37 Buick coupe.

They are on the top of the left hand tail light.

Sedans never had them.

Maybe someone who is customizing their car would have a "donor" for an original restoration?


Thanks in advance.

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Twer it me I would make a form from wood. Mill the lens from lexan, in the flat state, then heat and bend over the form. Sand blast the lens portion or leave it clear. Likely take a few iterations to get a working example but it is doable. These things were never that close in size..........Bob

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Ya it is a sloppy fit in the tail light housing.  This thing is useable but if I seal it into the housing with a non-yellowing silicon to prevent dust and water entry(along with using the retainer clips that are still there),  I can also discretely and neatly silicon the small hole that is visible because of the chipped corner.


Half the fun in restoring cars is the hunt for parts.  Meet some good people too.

I can well imagine there would be as much satisfaction in successfully making that lens as there would be in finding a real good one!  Win-win situation!

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