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1925 DB Roadster battery box question

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In doing some wiring repairs and general work a question has come up regarding the battery box in my ‘25 DB Roadster. It is located under the floorboard directly under the driver’s side, like in the touring cars i’ve owned previously. However it is not the solid box with a lid that I always had. In checking the master parts book I find that the roadster battery box is listed  apart from the touring but no pictures are shown. Can anyone supply a photo of an original roadster box or at least describe what is different. I’m not certain if what is now in my car is correct.

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franklinman, I believe you are misinterpreting the data in that master parts book if you are referring to the 9th edition circa '27. The battery box P/N 1042 sheet metal (touring) and P/N 2181 wooden (roadster) were in Early cars. In the beginning the touring battery was in the body under the drivers seat. However the roadster had a much lower seat riser and there was no room for it under that seat so it was fastened to the frame ahead of the seat in a wooden box.  After car 55213/56704 the P/N for that box changed to 6600 in pressed steel (also mounted in the frame) for both touring and roadster and variations thereof continued on forward including your '25. I hope this helps.  

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