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Steering wheel play

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I have a lot of play in my steering, which gives me white knuckles especially when driving in windy conditions. The old Earl Brown article in the latest TWOTZ talks about replacing all the bushings in the steering box with bearings, but the car is fully restored and I never could figure out how to pull the steering column and box when I had it torn apart. The nut securing the Pittman arm was loose but tightening that didn't completely solve the problem. I guess replacing the tie rod ends is next.

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To check for worn parts in the steering system, jack up one wheel and try moving the jacked up wheel in both horizontal and vertical directions. If you have any play in the horizontal direction, look at the tie rod and drag link to see if there is movement there. If the tie rod ends and drag link ends do not show any play, lock the wheels by resting the car on them and turn the steering wheel to see when the pitman arm moves. It should move before the steering wheel travels 1/8". If it takes more movement of the steering wheel to move the pitman arm, you will have to rebuild the steering box.


Vertical movement means the king pin bushings are worn, this can result in steering play as well as "bump steer" and following road grooves.

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