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1917 ED 6 parts wanted

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I'm looking for some information and some parts. Firstly the information: I have a 1917 ED 6 roadster which is being rebuilt. The seats are there but I have no way of attaching them to the floor, ie no way to adjust them or the frame to sit on a per the first photo. I'm hoping someone has some idea or pics of the frame.

The second request is for a steering wheel clamp and a choke lever as seen in the attached photos.



Chris Rhodes




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I do not think so but a friend has a 1916 parts car and that may yield one.

I will check with him if no-one steps up.

I am 83 years old and I am very slow.

Please have patience.

Robert Kapteyn

studebaker at Mac.com

replace the "at" , you know what I mean

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Greetings from Qld Chris.


As you know my project has stalled due to other commitments, however, from memory the way the seats attach to the frame is by flat boards bolted to the underside of the wooden seat frame.  Your last photo shows one of the boards with the metal slide plates and bolt with wing nut.  If you are using bucket seats there would be two boards bolted to each seat and the bolt with the wing nut attaches to the wooden seat frame on the chassis.   I would suggest that the wing nuts are on the inside under the seat cushion and to adjust the seat position you remove the seat cushion.  From memory the Series 18 Roadster at Christchurch has a single bench seat and not buckets and I suspect mine was the same.  This is how mine will be attached eventually and not sure whether I will use a bench seat or buckets.  If you check some of the photographs from the Rockhampton Roadster I'm sure there were images of the seat frame and method of attachment.


Locating one of those  elongated roadster steering column brackets is certainly proving problematic. 





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Hello Robert

That would a great help. I'm not to sure if they are the same but it wouldn't hurt to ask your friend or if someone has one that I could borrow to get some castings off. Which would also help my friend from Australia. ( Hi Merv ). Plus if he has a choke assembly as per the picture that would be fantastic. 

I'm located in New Zealand  and my friend Merv is from Queensland Australia.

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