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Five 1933 Buick 17" artillery wheels w/some roller tires


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The four rims with tires appear to be in good condition,it doesn't look like there is any rust scaling,the one without a tire has surface rust and a bit of pitting.  They have been in dry Northern Colorado. The spokes have a sheetmetal cover on the back  and the rusty one also has some pinholes in that cover. The tires might be okay for temporary rollers but they aren't very good. These have a 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern which will also fit the large Ford pattern in early thirties and some forties. If I had a '35 Ford pickup I would put these on it. Price is $500 for all and since I'm old,tired and busy,prefer they be picked up. If they absolutely,positively have to be shipped there are a couple options. I'd like to mention I just drove from Cheyenne to Ohio to pick up items I bought and it's not the first time.




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I have a pare of these in good condition, that I have under a 32 Willys I use for yard art. Tires r bad, but still up n protecting the wheels from the ground. They r worth what $300 each these days, but cash won't buy these. A little cash yes to respect my time of needing to change them, but will need something old n equally cool to replace them with.

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