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Time to put it back the way it was.


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If my 55 Sunliner had a manual trans I probably would have not done what I did but I did not like the original automatic trans so I changed the drivetrain,I did some work to get a complete drivetrain from another 55 Ford that will be having done to it what I done to mine so I can kind of put it back original.     Its a 2 bbl 55 272 so it will be getting a set of 55 4 bbl heads to raise the compression some and will be getting a 57 intake and exhaust manifolds along with a 62 distributor and the 57 better ratio rocker arms so it will run much better,now for the trans I will use the bellhousing,front pump and torque converter from the 55 trans and install them on a 70s FMX so it will now start off in first unlike the original that starts in second and will have two sources for cooling.   The 55 trans has a air cooled converter where the FMX is fluid cooled so with a 56 radiator I do not think I could overheat it and to the untrained eye it will look like the original trans,this way I can get it back to close to original but run much better and I am using all factory parts.    Now I have to get a new engine in my 37 Chevy p/u before I can start this project and I hope I can get the existing trans in the 55 to stay going long enough too,I got it too hot on the trip to Florida last year with a cooler malfunction.


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You're using factory parts to make your car more serviceable and you'll be able to return it to stock at any time.


Sounds like a great plan to me.

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Found all the PVC parts and put them with the valley pan and most likely will use a FOM/FMX hybrid trans where to the untrained eye will look original but will start out in first all the time and I can keep the highway gears it now has.  It had  3.30 gears and  presently has 3.00 gears and might be able to go to 2.75s with the trans starting in first,that Y block should have the torque to move that car with 2.75 gears starting in first but will see how it does with 3.00 gears first. Just need to drill two holes in the FMX case to mount the FOM bellhousing to it



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I had a 54 two door wagon that had a 239 ohv, three on the tree w/ od.

I ran the crap out of that thing in my 17th and/or 18th year.

Sold it at a tidy profit.

A few years later I saw it on a truck load on its way to the crusher. 

Heart breaking, I have several stories of cars I should have kept. But times were different when all I could afford were fifty dollar cars. Or was that twenty?

Lucky to get a dollar an hour to pump gas back then.


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If it would have been a manual trans I would have never changed much,after having mid 50s Olds the original automatic trans was a dog starting in second and yes I manually shifted it but I did not like it so I tore into it. Looking back I should have gotten me a mid 60s car for a long distance ride and left this one alone.

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