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1963 riviera differential fill plug - special tool?


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 This should be an easy question for you veterans. Trying to check my diff. fluid level. Neither a 3/8" or 1/2" ratchet will work on the plug. Measures 7/16 with my caliper. Wondering if I need to buy a special tool and if anyone knows WHY I have to buy a special tool. Usually they are standard ratchet size or a hex.





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Looking closer at the plug & making the pic. bigger I now have to eat crow, BECAUSE it is the CORRECT plug for a non posi rear.  That hole in the center should be a 3/8ths. square drive as in an extension.  Try hammering it into place & see what happens.  Rust will make things seem smaller.

The pic shown is a a posi plug which is the easiest way to tell posi from non posi because they were ALL like this.


Tom T.

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7 hours ago, awk409ak said:

Here's mine.  It's a raised square, but it's also a 64







You've got an outie, as opposed to my innie! I also see there's an I.D. tag there. I wonder if they are normally on the drain plug - seems easier to be discarded that way. On Fords they are on the differential bolts. I'll have to check on my '65 Riviera and see what that has on it.

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1 hour ago, awk409ak said:


Well in the 64 Buick Chassis Manual, page 6-20 it shows it and states that the posi id tag is around the filler plug.



Just like in the posted picture by Art.  I imagine that a lot of tags were not reinstalled when fluid levels were checked.  

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