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1940 Pontiac Deluxe 26

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Hi all I have a 40 Pontiac Sedan deluxe 26  I just picked up. I'm looking for odds ends. I'd like to figure out the 6v system. Does anyone have dash engine wiring harness. Also looking for a fuel pump.. I want to get the old girl running again. Eventually like to figure out redoing the interior carpet etc. Thank you 

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I have one (1) remaining Fuel Pump -- N.O.R.S. -- and it just got "fondled"

23 times at the recently completed HERSHEY car show -- but I still own it.

You can be the one (1) lucky winner!!!!

Always best to simply call me -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935......

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You can get wiring harnesses from Rhode Island Wire or YNZ.



Fuel pump repair kits are available from Then n Now, and I think they also have a rebuilding service.


EDIT: I see a source for a fuel pump has already popped up while I was typing this!



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