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Hupmobile Model 20 muffler


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The muffler on my 1911 Hupmobile is shot, and I don't even know if it's the original or not. It's round, about 5-1/2" D X 15" L, with a 1-1/4" O.D. pipe centered on each end. Could anyone tell me what is correct? I don't see it depicted in the Parts Catalog.


A muffler similar to mine is available custom-made from Waldron Exhaust. for $100.



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The correct muffler for you car is not a "one piece" muffler.  It should have cast ends, with a small pipe at the back that bends down almost immediately out of the muffler.  There are internal baffles, the whole thing held together with through rods.


My car is not accessible right now to take a picture.  The attached picture shows one end of the muffler, a new casting, and you can see the places where the internal ridge ends and those were the two through bolt holes.  I had a few new end casting made a few years ago, all gone now.


Oh, I found pictures of intake and exhaust.  Note how one end of muffler (rear I think) has a set screw for holding small pipe, other end has a cast housing that's sawed though horizontally and vertically, with a bolt to clamp intake pipe.


muffler end outside.jpg


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The back plate looks correct.  Most had a down turned pipe at th discharge of the muffler. End of which was slightly smashed oval.  Front casting should have some cast-in information....


When I redid my muffler, just took it to a local sheet metal shop, duplicated 

 perfectly by them...

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G,day Huppers. On our 1911 model D the muffler had an inner and an outer skin tightly rolled together with a sheet of soft asbestos between the layers There were baffles inside. I went to the shop that refurbish aluminium fire extingushers and from the scrap heap selected a discarded thick wall  body. With a small adjustment in the lathe it fitted the original ends.   No baffles and guaranteed for life!  Max BURKE Nulkaba 2325 Australia

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