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NOS 1950s? Chevrolet Horn Ring? #506309

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Here is a link to the site for anyone else that needs it.   http://www.gmpartswiki.com/query



If it's not on there,  as I said,  you are going to need to do some serious number researching using a crazy amount of books.  It could even be big truck or Ih if it's a Delco number and not in a GM box.  I found parts like this are easier to toss than ID.  Hours of research will if you are lucky yield an application no one is looking for.  Part of the reason I got out of parts.  Too much time searching through piles of trash that aren't identifiable only to find on the rare occasion you actually did ID it , it fit something no one needed. 

Good luck.  

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It's actually pretty good for Oldsmobile stuff.   Not so much the others.  That's why I bought probably over 15,000 in parts book when I was doing parts now collecting dust on the shelves.  Thankfully got out of that as way too much time chasing daed end numbers. 

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