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Circa 1908 Vehicle Photo - Identification help?

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I am doing research on this car for a friend's book. I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide any leads as to the make and model year of this car. We believe the photograph is from around 1908, as the Ohio license plate falls within the 1908-1909 range. Any help you can offer is appreciated.


Thanks for your time and help.


- John


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Is the automobile from Ohio? If so, the license plate appears to be a 1908. Ohio used a undated porcelain plate. Blue with white letters. There was a round O with an H in the center of the 0 which abbreviated Ohio. The 1908 plate was reissued for use in 1909.

Can anyone confirm the number on the license plate? 

The Ohio Historical Society in Columbus has a hand written ledger which identifies the owner, address, type of vehicle, h.p. and serial number of the vehicle by the license plate number. 






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