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322 Nailhead, Carburettor Choice - multi carbs ?

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Any advice appreciated on choice of carburettor/s. I'm interested in any experiences positive or negative. I currently have a 2 barrel Stromberg and would like to fit 2x4 or 3x2, more for looks than speed. Is one system better or more suited to this size engine? Will the camshaft specs need to be modified? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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I have a 364 with 3x2 and it runs pretty good. I used three stomberg WW's (because I only needed 2 more) If I were to do it again I would use rochester or carters, they are WAY easier to get parts for and adjust. You will need a progressive linkage system, run on the middle carb untill about half throttle and the kick in the other two carb's accelerator pumps, (that is really fun- feels like downshifting) ALSO (if money is not a problem) you may want to find "outboard" carbs, they do not have idle circuits, or chokes. /Or/ If all you want is looks, make blockoff plates for the outside carbs (use the gasket for a template) and block the fuel lines to them. That LOOKS cool and doesn't run too rich like most tri-power setups. Good luck.

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