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Looking for "Gee_Rydes", heater hose questions


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I was hoping to contact a former user "Gee_Rydes" (Dave Gee) about his 65 Riviera on facebook. Looks like he hasn't been around here since 2017. Anyone have an email address by chance? The address on his facebook page is dead. https://www.facebook.com/1965-Buick-Riviera-149461030162/?ref=page_internal


On his facebook page, he shows a special rubber heater hose that can bend and hold it's shape. I've been googling all over, and can't find it anywhere. I was hoping to find out where he got it from, and the brand. Anyone here know by chance? It appears to have a metal wire embedded, but I can't find anything like it.

bendable heater hose.jpg

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