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Traffic Control at Boathouse Road and PA 39

Bill Clark

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I enjoy Hershey every year and thank all those who put on a great flea market and great car show.


There needs to be someone managing traffic at the PA 39 end of Boathouse Road in the evening.  On Thursday and Friday evenings at around 5PM, there is traffic from spectators leaving the two lots at the end of Boathouse Road.  I went back to my trailer on Boathouse Road those two afternoons and had the opportunity to pull out with this traffic.  There is two lanes of traffic headed north and two lanes of traffic going south toward Hershey Park Drive.  It is a very unsafe condition for cars pulling out and going south who have to cross two lanes of traffic and merge with traffic going south towards Hershey Park Drive.  I was told there was someone there until about 4:30, but then they left.  There needs to be someone there until at least 5 or 5:30.


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