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Carter YF carburetor

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Has anyone used one of these as a replacement for a Carter Ball and Ball on a Chrysler Flathead 6. Specifically a 1952 218 cu in. I have been told that they can fairly easily be adapted for use on these cars.  Used for what I can see are mostly Ford 6 Cylinders from 170 to 300 cu in.  Cost even from Mikes Carburetor is less that the cost of rebuilding a B and B.  And a new carb as well. Any input appreciated. 

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Carter made hundreds of different type YF carburetors.


Because the technology of the YF was light years ahead of the BBR series, the YF that fits the 218 intake manifold is too large internally, and the YF that is correct internally for the 218 won't fit the intake.


Yes, it is a MUCH better carburetor. Yes, it CAN be made to fit. Yes, IF you use the correct size and modify it to fit, you WILL like it.


I would suggest the aftermarket YF units that were produced for Chevrolet. 787s or 964s should work very well once you adapt the mounting.


WARNING: There are some current repops (universal - one size fits all, works well on nothing) being made somewhere (but not by Carter) today (new). Good luck if you get one.



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For my 1931 Chrysler CD8 Roadster project rebuild, I opted for a Carter YF (recommended interchange by Carbking) that I understand was original spec for 300CI Ford trucks circa 1969. It fit manifold and linkage perfectly, with exception of slight modification to carb end of linkage and very slight oblonging of mounting holes in carb base, even takes the original "helmet style" air cleaner (with a short adapter). Engine (240CI) had not been run for 40-50 years and after some cleaning up, valve work etc, ran like a charm with this setup. I bought the Carter YF on eBay as a NOS unit, circa $250. A properly restored original carb for this model would likely sell circa $2000, and not likely work as well. I still have some work to do on this engine, but plan to stay with the Carter.


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