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Very new to the aaca and the overwhelming questions that keep coming to mind. I recently obtained a national first place with my 66 mustang. Am I correct that I should be obtaining a grille badge to then move forward to trying to obtain a senior. If so are the badges sent out? Thanks. 

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If you entered to be Judged you should get the FIRST JUNIOR AWARD and the Grill Junior Badge will be given to you shortly. It most likely comes in the mail, or call the HQ in Hershey to pick it up if you are near by. Same with the Trophy you will be given.  Congratulations, to tell the truth a lot of us don't make it on the first try and chalk it up as a learning experience. Once the badge is on you grill, next year you will be entered for Senior which gets slightly harder as the total point deductions become greater. See if you had point deductions that you need to fix. After Senior the next step is the Grand National award which you need to be at 385 points to win.


Find the entry list given to you at the entry gate in the large envelope and find your class and if your name and car are listed you should have a Green sheet that goes on the car and gets a sticker from the Judge after they finish that says "JUDGED". Only question you might have is, depending on the points, did you hit the mark, the don't tell you and you can't ask them.  Also read the literature you got in advance from AACA that tells you how this all works.


You'll get a letter in the near future, but remember there were hundreds of cars entered that AACA will need to have time to sort through. Last thing to mention is you can request from the AACA CHIEF JUDGE a copy of the judging sheet to see what needs fixing. Get to know the guys in your class and ask them to look your car over the morning of the Meets. We all help each other this way to get it right eventually.


I think you can also down load the AACA Rules for more helpful information.



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To clarify:  national headquarters sends out the badges after they are engraved.  If this is from Hershey it will take a few days.  If it was from a previous meet you should already have it!  Contact us at 717-534-1910 if you do not.


You do not reach out to the chief judge to get your judging sheet.  That comes from the VP of Judging, Chuck crane whose address is in our magazine  on page 6.  It will highlight the area(s) you lost points on.  

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Guest Mark McAlpine

One minor point of clarification--you don't have to wait until the next year to enter your vehicle for a Senior Award.  You can try for it at the next Nationals convenient for you to attend (if registration is still open).  Of course, I'm commenting two months after the original post, so at this point it will have to be next year if you didn't attend either the 2019 Southeastern Fall Nationals in Mobile, AL, or 2019 Western Fall Nationals in Fallbrook, CA.

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