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For all you lucky ones that got to go to Hershey this year, did you find what you were looking for? That hard part you could never find? Stuff for your man or woman cave or shop? Meet someone new or an old friend? Share your stories with the rest of us that didn't get the opportunity to go.;)

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Great year at Hershey this year. Fantastic weather, good friends, and several new friends. Met several forum members in person , Matt and  Melanie Harwood & Restorer32 Jeff of PennDutch Restorations were just a few that I was able to put a face to a name. As for finds.........fantastic year landing what I needed. High on my list were wiper motors for a big custom CCCA classic open car........and found four of them at a fair price, and three more at higher than I wanted to pay. Also a bunch of rare Stromberg carbs, and lots of other odds and ends. Overall a great time......as usual! 👍



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I'll post my annual Hershey photo tomorrow,  but not as exciting as it used to be as it's a bunch of literature which doesn't look nearly as impressive as a pile of parts.  I did buy quite a bit,  but much of that was thankful to the Library sale.  I think I spent 600 there alone, and I wasn't buying high end stuff.  Saw lots of great parts and some were probably really good deals,  but I finally realized I will never probably sell parts again so no need to stock pile them.  I didn't find anything for my cars,  but  then again I didn't really need anything for them.   It's nice to have a project to search for stuff for as there are always treasures to be found and often at great prices. 

One thing we couldn't argue about was the wether.  Wow it turned out wonderful,  from a forecast that even hours before didn't look so hot.    I'll take the next ten just like this years.

I was in the market to buy a car but not much fit the bill,  though I hemmed and hawed over this little coupe for 3 days  that finally sold to I think a new member.   The only thing holding me back Is I really thought about it and decided I really want a roadster.  It was a beauty otherwise. 




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13 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

  The only thing holding me back Is I really thought about it and decided I really want a roadster.  It was a beauty otherwise. 




When I was a kid, a couple of our AACA members use to drive 31 and 32 Roadsters (most gave them up via age and the AACA tours started getting newer cars on them and they could not keep up on a bulk of the tours - all be it I bet you can figure out how to get an overdrive in one now with much more options available)  - they are cool cars and if you start asking around I bet one will find you easily - they tend to be in dusty garage corners. 

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Maybe that was one of the put offs.  It was too nice,   it didn't need anything,  Haven't bought many that didn't need brakes, and at least a little mechanical work as well as a bunch of detailing.   Part of my fascination with old cars is turning a dusty old relic back into a roadable car with a bunch of elbow grease. 


If you ever hear of a 32 PB roadster sitting in the corner of a garage coming available,  let me know. 

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Spark plug collecting can start off as an inexpensive hobby for both kids and adults, but can turn into  stupid money for one plug once you get into it. I consider myself a reformed collector, sold off many plugs over the years to fund other hobby projects. Felt good at Hershey and back slid and treated myself to a Breech Block plug. Quick detach to clean the electrode, made in Torrington, Ct. 






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Made what I think are some excellent purchases this year


1. Authorized Buick neon sign.


2. some15 x 8 triple chromed trim rings for the 1977 Corvette I am working on with my 14 year old son


3. Front fender emblem.


4. A set of new t-top inner pads from a vendor that had bought them and never installed them when he sold his car.  Price was right!




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I would say this was my worst year at Hershey. First the wife injured her foot on Wed. so she sat in the room until Sat. and helping her in the car for the long ride home.

Secondly I never saw a single part for the Cadillac that I needed or not. I picked up my order of T parts from Snyder's then later bought a license plate bracket that turned out wrong. The only score was two brass carbs for 5 $ each and I should have bought all she had. Went back later and they were all gone. Looked for a late 12 /13 KW coil and never seen one and that was my time at Hershey. Things better improve next year or I will have to bite the bullet and fall back on EBay and pay the horrendous shipping costs. 

Some of the cars I seen there.    

2019-10-08 Hershey 2019 001.JPG

2019-10-09 Hershey 2019 005.JPG

2019-10-09 Hershey 2019 020.JPG

2019-10-10 Hershey 2019 001.JPG

2019-10-10 Hershey 2019 012.JPG

2019-10-09 Hershey 2019 029.JPG

2019-10-09 Hershey 2019 017.JPG

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Was a good Year at Hershey this year for me, beautiful weather.

Found the pump and lug wrench for my 1929 Chevrolet, and picked up a few new Signs, Dial Indicator Set, and a few other odds and ends.

saw some nice cars in the Corral and on the field, no money to buy, ventured through the auction tent as well



my goodies :)


other stuff around
















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I was only able to attend on Wednesday, due to work. Weather prognosis was not great, but what a fabulous day it turned out to be. I had a successful day, having to make two intermediate trips back to the truck to unload the stuff I bough from my little red wagon. Admittedly I'm looking for parts for cars that are somewhat newer than most here. I'm most pleased with the Motor Wheel Exiter mag wheels that I bought. Got four more to go with the two I already had. In addition to parts and tools, I scored two half horse electric motors for power tool use - a Dayton for $15 and a GE for $5. Both work great. One is going on my disc sander and the other, well, who knows. I also connected with Craig at Mobileparts and he's got not one but two N.O.R.S. idler arms for my 62 F-85. The new replacements are crap and don't last more than a few thousand miles. The only downside of the day was the sad realization that every year I cover less and less of the swap meet in one day. Getting old sucks (though it definitely beats the alternative).



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A few pics of my stuff coming tomorrow. A great Hershey with perfect weather and filled with great treasures.  Found more good stuff this year than I ever imagined I could.  Bob, glad to see you are picking up plugs again.  Sorry I missed seeing you this year.

Just got home, tired but already counting the days till next time. 


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One thing I have to say is all the folks that stopped me in the isles and told me what a great time they had on the National Vintage tour in Kingston On. this year. Thank you very much for all the kind words and glad you all came. What made the event even greater was all the AACA member getting together driving the back roads and enjoying each others company.

               Thanks again for the kind words at Hershey

                        Joe in Canada

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Here is my haul.  As mentioned all literature.  I found a repro packard used car sign I liked but the seller wanted $500.  Crazy when the repro signs are getting priced to the point of what originals were a few years ago.  Of course I don't think it's being made anymore,  but still.  All the literature boxes are about full and there was another box or so's worth from the library I forgot to put in the photos.  

Between the Library sale and field finds I spent $2390 on literature. 








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I do not get to do the flea market but a nice gentleman handed me a couple of Olds items as a gift.  That was unexpected but nice.  We did manage to acquire this piece to add to our growing inventory of educational models that are housed in our Library.  In the new building we hope to have a great display of working models in a room designed for training and education.

2019 Model.jpg

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That's a cool model Steve.  I saw several in the market this year like it but that one was in great condition. 

I did some preliminary antique hunting (as always) and managed to find quite a few nice items prior to Hershey.  Even saw Robbie from American Pickers in an antique mall on Monday (and again in the swap meet later).  I covered a lot of miles on set-up day but found some nice things as they were being unpacked.  Gotta start early to find the good spark plugs.  Wednesday was my day to open up, but had to delay a couple of hours to get to the far end of the earth to follow up on a lead.  Was successful in finding a couple of items on my most wanted list.   This wonderful pair of nodders (early version of what we know today as "bobble-heads" was produced in the early 1900s, probably German or Austrian, and made in very thin bisque porcelain.  How they survived this long I'll never guess, but they are now if my collection.  With a bag full of neat spark plugs and these nodders, my Hershey was already fantastic - but wait, there's more..... I found some great early advertising trinkets, pins, watch fobs, even an early pocket watch.  More plugs, then while I was walking around on Friday, scored this cool piece of original artwork.  It's an original charcoal drawing of what later became a newspaper cartoon.  It was done in France and is a cartoon about the Paris-Madrid race in 1903.  That event was known as "The Race of Death" due to the large number of wrecks and deaths among participants and spectators.  It was a very historic event in motor racing history, and to find an original piece of art like this at Hershey was something I'd never expected.   I always try to find a nice brass lamp or two for my collection, and this year, purchased an exceptional NOS (never been lit) brass carbide headlamp. 

Found more stuff to display in my recreated old auto parts store, and even another plug or two on Friday.  Of course there were also a few Model T Ford parts and unusual accessories, as well as a couple of tools. 

Susan found some great MG pieces including a couple of original artist's renderings that will need some further research, as well as a few early models and advertising pieces. 


Can someone tell me what year this neat Chevrolet advertising ribbon is from?  It was just too cool to pass up.

It's too bad the week had to end, but we'll be back for more next year.  363 DAYS AND COUNTING!


Hershey 2019 Nodders.jpg

Hershey 2019 Plugs pic 1.jpg

Hershey 2019 Plugs pic 2.jpg

Hershey 2019 Pennants.jpg

Hershey 2019 Brass lamp 1 different view.jpg

Hershey 2019 Pocket Watch.jpg

Hershey 2019 Charcoal drawing.jpg

Hershey 2019 Chevy ribbon.jpg

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Posted by BearsFan315:



If I had seen those slide rules, I probably would have bought one.

In high school, I helped with Math tutoring.

I taught people how to use slide rules using one of those giant ones that hung over a classroom blackboard!

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I only did a little college but I took the slide rule class twice and never did figure it out. But I am pretty good at math.

There were a couple of those big ones at the last Good Guys event in Puyallup in July.

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