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1935 Commander

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1 hour ago, chris piazza said:

Can anyone out there supply me with information on what size fan belt to use on my '35 Commander motor? Rather than multiple trips to the auto parts store, I'm hoping somebody already has the information on what fits. Thanks!

The specification is the inside length, the outside width, depth and the angle of the sides. If you have an old one, measure it, even take it with you.


Dunlop Fan Belt and Radiator Hose Recommendation Catalogue about 1946 show 1935 Stude Dictator 6 with belt V60, same as 1934, of 46-9/16 x 53/64 x 17/32 -- 42o


Also fitted to Buicks, Chryslers, Citroen, De Soto, Dodge, Essex, Fargo, Hudson, International, Massey Harris, Plymouth, Rockne, Terraplane, Twin City of various years.


"Automotive Interchangeability" by the Automotive Publishing Co., 1933-42, gives 4 "master fan belts". Studebaker 1933-35 Pres., Comm. and Dict. use belt 4 = "Plymouth 6 1933-42" and from Dunlop that is the V60!


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