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Right hand drive chassis


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You should be successful within the usa. I just disposed of some interesting & unloved examples due to no interest. If you get stuck ? ,contact me in the future & I might be able to source something for you if not on a tight budget,otherwise place ads in the veteran car clubs of each state of australia. (or canada).  obsolete@pnc.com.au

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Have 120" wheelbase 1914 Cadillac frame, front axle and springs, rear springs, front and rear hubs, steering column, driveshaft, shifter and emergency brake levers.  

Could also supply Timken single speed rear end. Have 1913-14 Cadillac transmission. May also have some Kelsey 25" wheels. 


Also have the same above for 1913 Cadillac. 


Located in Ohio

PM if interested

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