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1937? Dodge Coupe


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I have purchased a Dodge Coupe that was initially identified as a 1938

model. However, since the purchase other collectors have identified it as a

1937 model. Is there a manual, encyclopedia, or book that I can refer to

verify the Dodge models for me? I do have a production number for the

vehicle (D523272BC). Is there a historical archivial site that can provide

information about the car by using the mass production number as reference?

Vaughn Moncrieff

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I have not received the title as of yet. I purchased the vehicle (body and chassis only) from Rocky Mountain Classics out of Colorado. They advertised it as a 38 Dodge 2 Door Coupe. The title is being processed in Colorado and will be sent along to me later. From my discussion with Rocky Mountain Classics, the title for this vehicle is being created anew with no previous title in existance.


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You mentioned the Model D5. Is this the classification for a 2 Door coupe? Is this the same for a Businessman Coupe? What is the difference or are all of these nomenclatures describe the same model? I plan to make a street rod out of the 37 Coupe, however I want to keep the body restored to its orginal condition as much as possible.Parts such as grille frame, hood ornament, tail lights, window crank mechanism, window frame, handle for clam shell, Dodge emblem for rear trunk area, etc. are required for restoration.


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