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1976 Cadillac Sixty Special for Sale

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12 minutes ago, My Shreder said:

Sorry I missed your post...  How about 6k to a good home as the Car was driven into the garage over 20 years ago and not moved since.  All original 

Dear My Shreder,

I'll repeat myself from my post above, although you did post a price now.

My post: "Photos, price, & location would be very helpful. A little better description wouldn't hurt either."

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On ‎12‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 12:03 PM, George Smolinski said:

You're joking, right? Or have you gone completely off the rails?


George, I'm definitely off my rails!   And yes, I was not serious.  I am interested, but the seller has no skin in the game.  By that I mean no high resolution photos, no further details.  Still no location.   It's no way worth even $6,000. 


I have an SO 1976 Coupe deVille and love this era of Cadillac.  I am in the CLC as Carl may recall and often post Craigslist ads in that Buy/Sell forum.  I paid $5600 for my 60,000 mile, triple white Coupe deVille which runs out well.  It has many blemishes, such as the rust under the Cabriolet top, which has been there since 1979, not any worse, not any better.  Original paint, original white interior (red dash).  You know  - it's a driver class car I love to drive and enjoy. 


Now fast forward to this Sixty Special.   This is essentially a Fleetwood. In fact, I kept looking for my 1976 Brochure to see if a 60S was made in 1976. I'll assume it was a trim level of the Fleetwoods.    It has been sitting in slumber for 20 + years.  The seller does not state why it is now for sale.  Are we dealing with an estate representative?  Family member?  Was this car willed to the seller?  We need more details, frankly so we can communicate apples to apples.  I've made the mistake of assuming the seller is an uninformed estate family member and found out I was wrong. 


For 20+ years of slumber, the gas tank needs dropped, removed and replaced or some sort of gasoline delivery service. This is likely a $700 + job. 


The carburetor (or F.I.) will need rebuilt, tires replaced, the obligatory "gone through" on brakes whatever that means.  Bottom line is this is likely a non running car, weighing in at 5000 + pounds that will need towed, for $400 more than my running driving car. 


I am in Iowa.  As noted, we have NO IDEA where the car is, still now, and so if it is in New York, that would add $1500 or so to transport the thing here.  A potential buyer has no idea about the myriad of electronics and whether power options work.  Needs a fresh high amp battery, all fluids drained and you need to hope beyond hope that the transmission seals don't leak like a sieve. 


Whoever buys it, over the next 6 months to a year is going to have to hunt and kill gremlins.  That said - what does "very good condition" mean?  Without photos, no one knows.  Most anyone would be in awe of a time capsule car stored in a relatives garage for 20 + years, so we need to know "who" My Shreder" is.  If the car was posted by a frequent forum user, there is a higher degree of trust in their statement of "very good condition." 


We are left to speculate on mileage, and whether true or not, especially if it shows under 20,000 miles. 


Brown is a dog color for sale, sorry.  I personally gravitate to brown so I am OK with that color.  Likely the Cinnamon Brown color offered in the mid 70's.  I like it.


With no more to go on than the 2-3 sentences, my guess is this is a $2000 at best car, and only for local sale. 

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B Jake Moran

I agree with everything you said EXCEPT I like the 1971-73 Caddys more than the 74-76's. Well said in the rundown of what needs to be done to a car like that. I didn't read anything about ridding the car of mouse nests & the accompanying mouse pee smell. On the plus side of buying one that's been stored for a long time is no one niggled with it, so it's pretty intact usually. 


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